Group Oerstedella

  1. Epidendrum tetraceros Rchb. f. 1852 Costa Rica

GROUP Oerstedella SUBGROUP Aberrans Characterized by pink flowers, a column with an elongate clinandruim-hood, and bird wing type pollina with unequal, laminar caudicles

  1. Epidendrum aberrans Schltr.1918 Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Hinduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

  2. Epidendrum atypicum Hágsater & E.Santiago 2006 Costa Rica

  3. Epidendrum crescentilobum Ames 1923 Costa Rica

  4. Epidendrum cruciforme Hágsater & E.Santiago 2006 Nicaragua

  5. Epidendrum cyclolobum Hágsater & E.Santiago 2006 Nicaragua

  6. Epidendrum pachytepalum Hágsater & E.Santiago 2006 Costa Rica and Panama

  7. Epidendrum pansamalae Schltr. 1912 Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

  8. Epidendrum stolidium Hágsater 2005 Panama

  9. Epidendrum unicallosum Hágsater & E.Santiago 2006 Panama

GROUP Oerstedella SUBGROUP Centropetalum Characterized by the thin stems that produce many kiekeis, a few flowered compact raceme, a semi-tubular clinandrium hood which is slightly longer than the body of the column, pink flowers with a wide lip and a single, tunnel shaped callus and an obovoid, non bird wing type pollina.

  1. Epidendrum centropetalum Rchb.f. 1852 Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

GROUP Oerstedella SUBGROUP Intermixtum Characterized by small, membraneous flowers with a bifid, petaloid clinandrum-hood and laterally compressed pollina with long-granulose caudicles

  1. Epidendrum chalcochromum Hágsater 2006 Costa Rica

  2. Epidendrum folsomii Hágsater & E.Santiago 2006 Panama

  3. Epidendrum fortunae Hágsater & Dressler 2006 Panama

  4. Epidendrum fuscinum (Dressler) Hágsater 2005 Panama

  5. Epidendrum intermixtum Ames & C.Schweinf. 1930 Costa Rica

GROUP Oerstedella SUBGROUP Verrucosum Characterized by the small to medium, membraneous flowers with immaculate sepals and petals, a bilobed clinandrium-hood slightly surpassing the body of the column, obovoid, subequal pollina with long-granulose caudicles.

  1. Epidendrum caligarium Rchb. f. 1869 Panama

  2. Epidendrum endresii Rchb. f. 1883 Costa Rica and Panama

  3. Epidendrum exasperatum Rchb. f. 1866 Costa Rica and Panama

  4. Epidendrum macdougallii (Hágsater) Hágsater 2005 Mexico

  5. Epidendrum × monteverdense (Pupulin & Hágsater) Hágsater 2005 Costa Rica

  6. Epidendrum myrianthum Lindl. 1853 Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras

  7. Epidendrum niveocaligarium Hágsater 2006 Panama

  8. Epidendrum pajitense C.Schweinf. 1949 Panama

  9. Epidendrum parviexasperatum (Hágsater) Hágsater2005 Costa Rica and Panama

  10. Epidendrum pentadactylum Rchb.f. 1854 Costa Rica

  11. Epidendrum pumilum Rolfe 1893 Costa Rica and Panama

  12. Epidendrum verrucosum Sw. 1806 Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua

GROUP Oerstedella SUBGROUP Wallisii Characterized by the large fleshy flowers, an entire to trilobed lip, a petaloid clinandrium and obovoid, laterally compressed pollina with granulose caudicles.

  1. Epidendrum lacteum Dressler 1978 Panama

  2. Epidendrum medinae Dodson 1980 Ecuador

  3. Epidendrum misasii Hágsater 2005 Colombia

  4. Epidendrum pinniferum C.Schweinf. 1938 Costa Rica and Panama

  5. Epidendrum pseudoschumannianum Fowlie 1969 Panama

  6. Epidendrum pseudowallisii Schltr. 1923 Costa Rica

  7. Epidendrum schumannianum Schltr. 1911 Costa Rica

  8. Epidendrum schweinfurthianum Correll 1947 Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras

  9. Epidendrum cuneatum Schltr.1912 Ecuador and Bolivia

  10. Epidendrum wallisii Rchb. f. 1875 Panama and Colombia