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Well a year has gone by and I have not added to this area but I have been building the Encyclopedia and traveling to Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic to see orchid species in their natural settings. This to me is my favorite orchid experience, the challenge of finding these incredible plant creatures in their jungle setting. The first time one sees an epiphytic orchid actually clinging to the bark of a tree is a moment of astonishment especially if it is in bloom as well. Generally, to see orchids one needs to get away from the cities and the farms as well. My best orchid hunting has happened on foot but I have also rode horses and been in canoes.

The links below will show the picture but to see the written account use the alphabetical search above in the Internet Orchid Encyclopedia to go to the main species page. There has been so many new photos and genera added in the last month that I have not had time to add to the "what's new" section. I suggest looking through the alphabetical list to see all the new species photos. The photos that I have been receiving from donors are stupendous and there are too many to mention. The photos of Wilford Neptune's AOS Award winning plants are not to be missed and Dale and Deni Borders digital camera pics are also quite a treat. I have left the photo links below even though some of them are now 6 months old. Some day I will have more time to add to this area.

Check out the new Costa Rica Page, I did a 15 day orchid trip to the jungle, see the orchids there now Take Me To Costa Rica

See a mountain of orchids - This months bounty Jay's Garden - Things are good!

Another View

Another view

  • The Gongoreae Overview; An Orchid Safari originally presented live on the net 7/28/98 Stanhopea, Gongora, Coryanthes and more with excellent photos of pollentation and close ups of orchid sex procedures.
  • My Orchid Garden
  • Many of you have asked so here it is on a good day.
  • Aerangis Page
  • A list of 58 Aerangis species with synonyms, ranges, altitudes, and cultural notes.
  • Aeranthes Page
  • A complete list of the 44 known Aeranthes species with their synonyms, ranges, altitudes and cultural notes.
  • Aerides Page
  • Amesiella Page
  • Ascocentrum Page
  • Bulbophyllum Page
  • Almost 400 species listed with ranges, altitudes and culture
  • Catasetum Page
  • Catasetum sex
  • Here are photos of both the male and female flowers of Catasetum intergerinum
  • Cleisostoma Page
  • Chysis Page
  • Cirrhopetalum Page
  • Coelogyne Page
  • Coryanthes Page
  • Cycnoches Page
  • A list of 17 of the known species in the genus Cycnoches
  • Dendrobium harveyanum Rchb.f.
  • Photo courtesy of Allen Black.
  • Dendrophylax Page
  • Euanthe Page
  • Florida Orchid Page - Species and Orchids in situ
  • Gastrochilus Page
  • Gongora Page
  • Miltonia Page
  • Mormodes page
  • A list of 79 known species with locations and altitudes

  • Odontoglossum Page
  • A list of 130 species their origins and some cultural notes.

  • Oncidium species Page
  • A list of 250 Oncidium species with altitudes, climes, flowering time, synonyms and cultural notes

  • Paphinia Species Page
  • A complete list of the 16 known Paphinia with locations and altitudes and some cultural notes

  • Peruvian collecting trip
  • Take a trip to Peru on-line and collect some orchids

  • Phalaenopsis Species Page A complete list of known Phalaenopsis species

  • Phaius Page
  • A complete listing of all the known Phaius species with ranges, altitudes and cultural notes.

  • Stanhopea Page
  • A list of 58 Stanhopea species and their synonyms with ranges, locations and cultural notes.
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