SECTION Desmosanthes [Bl.] J.J. Sm. 1933

TYPE: = Bulbophyllum croceum Lindl. 1830

SYNONYMS *Diphyes sect Corymbosae Blume 1825; SECTION Corymbosa [Bl] Avery. 1994

Characterized by distinct pseudobulbs with 2 to more flowered inflorescence, a very short rachis with the flowers in a subumbellate inflorescence carrying white, yellow, orange or bright red without purple and sepals and petals glabrous to papillose but not ciliate. These orchids have creeping to patent rhizomes giving rise to pseudobulbs carrying a single, persistent leaf that blooms on an elongate to subumbellate, racemose, 2 to many flowered inflorescence carrying resupinate flowers with the pedicel basal node hardly above the attachment of the floral bract. The sepals are free and have 3 to 7 veins, the laterals are the same but 1 to 3 times as long as the dorsal sepal and the petals are 1 to 3 veined. The mobile, undivided lip is on a thin ligament. The column has the stigma proximally usually not protruding. The stelida are shorter to longer than 1/2 the length of the column and the lower margin often has a tooth. The anterior surface of the anther is concave or not, and the anterior margin is drawn out to a beak or not. There are 4 pollina, with or without stipes.

There are about 70 species in this section occuring in montane forests at elevations up to 2000 meters in India, China, Taiwan, eastward to the Philippines, Sulawesi and the Lesser Sunda Islands.

Entries below with an asterix are listed in publications by J J Vermeullen and so are more likely correct than ones without. Species with a question mark in front, seem to me to not conform and so please use with caution. If a sectional name has a "`" in front then it is a complete section with all the known species represented.

  1. Bulbophyllum angustifolium (Blume) Lindl. 1830 Malaysia, Sumatra, Java and New Guinea?

  2. Bulbophyllum arrectum Kraenzl. 1921 The Philippines

  3. Bulbophyllum astelidum Aver. 1994 Vietnam

  4. *Bulbophyllum bakhuizenii Steenis 1972 Nicobar Islands, penninsular Malaysia, Java, Sumatra and Borneo - as synonym of B longerepens

  5. Bulbophyllum brevipes Ridl.1903 Malaysia

  6. Bulbophyllum brevistylidium Seidenf. 1979 Thailand

  7. Bulbophyllum boulbetii Tixier 1966 Vietnam

  8. Bulbophyllum capitatum (Blume) Lindl. 1830 Java

  9. Bulbophyllum caudatum Lindley 1829 northeastern India, Nepal and Sikkim

  10. Bulbophyllum cauliflorum Hook.f. 1890 eastern Himalayas, Sikkim and Assam

  11. Bulbophyllum cephalophorum Garay, Hamer and Siegrist 1996 the Philippines

  12. Bulbophyllum chrysendetum Ames 1915 the Philippines

  13. *Bulbophyllum compressum Teijsm. & Binn.1862 Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Sulawesi

  14. *Bulbophyllum concinnum Hook.f. 1890 Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Borneo, India and Singapore

  15. Bulbophyllum corallinum Tixier & Guillaumin 1963 Yunnan China, Vietnam and Thailand

  16. *!Bulbophyllum croceum Lindl. 1830 Java, Sumatra

  17. Bulbophyllum dempoense J.J.Sm. 1920 Sumatra

  18. Bulbophyllum diplantherum Carr 1932 Penninsular Malaysia

  19. Bulbophyllum dulongjiangense X.H.Jin 2006 Yunnan Province China

  20. Bulbophyllum echinulus Seidenf. 1982 Yunnan province of China and Thailand

  21. Bulbophyllum evrardii Gagnep. 1930 Vietnam and Cambodia

  22. *Bulbophyllum flammuliferum Ridl. 1898 Penninsular Malaysia and Borneo

  23. Bulbophyllum flavidiflorum Carr 1933 Sumatra to Java

  24. Bulbophyllum gamblei Hook. f. 1912 eastern Himalayas, Bhutan, Sikkim and Assam India

  25. Bulbophyllum globulus Hook.f. 1890 penninsular Malaysia

  26. Bulbophyllum gyrochilum Seidenf. 1979 Chinese Himalayas, Assam and Thailand

  27. *Bulbophyllum jonpetri J J Verm & Lamb 2013 - Borneo

  28. Bulbophyllum kirroanthum Schltr. 1911 Sumatra

  29. Bulbophyllum kwangtungense Schltr.1924 southern China

  30. *Bulbophyllum laetum J J Verm. 1996 - Borneo

  31. *Bulbophyllum laxiflorum [Bl.] Lindl. 1830 Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Java and the Philippines

  32. Bulbophyllum ledungense Tang & F.T.Wang 1974 Hainan China

  33. Bulbophyllum leptanthum Hook.f. 1890 Assam and the eastern Himalayas

  34. *Bulbophyllum longerepens Ridl. 1908 Borneo

  35. Bulbophyllum longivagans Carr 1933 Sumatra

  36. *Bulbophyllum medusae [Lindley]Rchb.f 1861 Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Sulawesi

  37. *Bulbophyllum obtusum (Blume) Lindl.1830 Malaysia, Borneo, Java and Sumatra

  38. Bulbophyllum odoratissimum [Sm.]Lindley 1828 Assam, Eastern Himalayas, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China

  39. Bulbophyllum ovatolanceatum J.J. Sm. 1928 western Sumatra

  40. Bulbophyllum ovatum Seidenf. 1979 Thailand

  41. Bulbophyllum pinicolum Gagnep 1930 Vietnam & Cambodia

  42. Bulbophyllum polyrrhizum Lindl. 1830 western Himalayas, Assam, eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Sikkim, India, Myanmar, Yunnan China and Thailand

  43. *Bulbophyllum protractum Hook.f. 1890 Assam, Sikkim, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam

  44. *Bulbophyllum romburghii J.J.Sm. 1907 Sumatra and Borneo

  45. Bulbophyllum rubrolabellum T.P.Lin 1975 Taiwan

  46. Bulbophyllum semiteretifolium Gagnep. 1930 Vietnam

  47. Bulbophyllum shweliense W.W. Sm. 1921 eastern Himalayas, Bhutan, Yunnan Province China, Vietnam and Thailand

  48. Bulbophyllum sikapingense J.J.Sm. 1920 Sumatra

  49. Bulbophyllum simondii Gagnep.1950 Vietnam

  50. *Bulbophyllum simplex J.J.Verm. & P.O'Byrne 2003 Sulawesi

  51. Bulbophyllum smithianum Schltr. 1911 Sumatra

  52. Bulbophyllum sp.23 New Guinea

  53. Bulbophyllum stellatum Ames 1912 the Philippines

  54. Bulbophyllum stenobulbon Parish & Rchb. f. 1916 Assam India, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam

  55. Bulbophyllum sulcatum (Blume) Lindl. 1830 Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Java, Lesser Sunda Islands and Sumatra

  56. Bulbophyllum sutepense (Rolfe ex Downie) Seidenf. & Smitinand 1961 Yunnan China, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos

  57. Bulbophyllum tengchongense Z.H.Tsi 1989 southwestern Yunnan

  58. Bulbophyllum trichocephalum (Schltr.) T. Tang & F.T. Wang 1951 eastern Himalayas, Assam, Thailand, China

  59. Bulbophyllum triflorum (Breda) Blume 1828 Sumatra to western Java

  60. Bulbophyllum xantanthum Schltr. 1911 Sumatra, Java, Bali

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